Toys that shaped generations

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Toys that shaped generations

Looking back in the history it is not too wrong to assume that sex toys were invented during middle of the 20th century.  Certainly, they became widely talked about and mass produced during those years, but some of those little bas toys date back longer than you imagine. Here are few of those toys whose date of origin you wouldn’t possibly be able to guess.

blowup-doll-5-Blow-up dolls are among the younger creations on this list.  Date of origin is sometimes back in seventeenth century. Exact year is unknown, but story goes that it was first used and created by French seamen on long journeys, as substitutes for their ladies.

This form of sexual  help was first mass-produced in 1904 after invention of vulcanic rubber. Later this sex toy evolved with addition of multiple possibilities first of them being an ability to “imitate ejaculation”. The weirdest option offered to buyers was that they could choose what person the doll should look like. Weird being that person didn’t have to be alive to have doll look alike.

-Next on this list of sex toys that your grand-grand parents might have used is a slightly older ( than blow-up doll ) toy called butt plug. Butt plug was invented and developed back in 1892 by a man with a tendency of inserting things in other people anuses. Believe it or not, this sex toy was first introduced and used as a medical device, and they were used to cure piles.

Only during the middle of 20th century, doctors stopped that charade and classified butt plugs as they are known now, as sex toys and not some miracle pile cures.


-Next sex toy that, like butt plug, started its life as a medical device is vibrator. Yes, it is hard to believe that but vibrator was an official medical aid device invented in 1869, and was considered so until first porn movies that used vibrator in their scenes.

They were first used by doctors who complained odd wrist-ache because they had to rub female private parts in order to relieve them from stress or as it was known it that time to cure female hysteria.

First vibrators were steam-powered but they did not achieve success.  But later, in 1880 if you want exact year, first so called “electrochemical” vibrators came to stores and they caused a massive boom. Women were crazy about them, and men were satisfied because they wives could relieve their stress without going to doctor every time they needed to.

Colorful condoms isolated on white-Last of these toys that predate common knowledge about them are condoms. Some argue that condoms were used thousands years ago, and they may be right. They used some form of condoms, but for protection or not,it’s an issue that is still unknown. The exact year that first known condom was used for protection from genital diseases is 1564. That was right after Black Death and condoms were used as protection against syphilis. The invention came from a guy named Gabriele Falloppino, who after testing his invention on 1100 volunteers came to an invention that would save millions from then up to these days.