Common Misconceptions About Burlesque

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Burlesque is one of the forms of art that receives misconceptions, often bringing it on the bad side of society. Burlesque is among those forms of entertainment that took a bad rap after every movie that comes along with burlesque, they bring deception. Those who have worked in this industry have shared their experience which have dispelled a number of myths surrounding them. Though most movies depict burlesque performers to be somehow a bit on the slutty side, they are more than that. The amount of skin they display depends upon the performance they are ordered to do. Everything you need to learn about the burlesque performers can be found here.

 First of all, not everyone can perform burlesque. This is one of the common misconceptions that performing such a dance is an easy thing to do. Just like any other forms of art, it must be practiced and perfected to a level acceptable to be performed to a wider audience. It doesn’t mean to say that only those with talent can actually perform Burlesque dancing. It means that it takes hard work and raw skill, even if you think you do not have any talent in dancing, to become a pro at ait. There is also the other misconception that burlesque dancers are all females. The information regarding this one is quite unclear, but there is the word term ‘boylesque’ that is referred to male performers on the stage rather than the female ones. As with burlesque dancers, male dancers also put a lot of effort and hardwork into their dance, not to mention that a number of them dedicate a lot of time into this artform, thus considering it as their career.


 There is also this misconception about burlesque dancers needing to take their clothes off. Their performance does not mean about taking their clothes off. The term is a synonym to a certain mockery of some sort. What modern burlesque dancers are doing now is not the same with how it was originally decades ago. Performers of this form of entertainment do not need to take off their clothes. They do some stripping and some teasing, which is why they are often referred to as ‘striptease’. It is accompanied with music that ignites a little bit of the sultry side of the audience, but they do not take off all their clothes. They also work at long hours that exceeds more than your average salary man, since they need to put on a performance perfect for the audience to see. Even if that performance is only four minutes long, they need to practice everything until it is at a level good for the stage.

Burlesque Melbourne dancers do look like they are living a glamorous life. When they are booked for an event, their room, air tickets and everything that needs to be accommodated for them are paid by the ones who booked their performance. While this is certainly the kind of life that most of those wanting the quick buck want, there are times when they can’t relax at all. They can get fully booked without room for vacation, especially if they have the exceptional talent and a high demand to perform in different locations. Just like many other performers, they are also expected to perform at their best.